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Are you looking for specialized hydraulic tensioning products and tooling solutions for torque transfer driven by passion for engineering? Products that would serve you for years and help successfully manage all challenges in various heavy-duty industries such as Power Generation and Petrochemical?

Since 1993 Riverhawk develops and manufactures products for torque transfer with an ever-growing passion, which allow a quick and safe servicing of your machinery. Riverhawk offer products for threaded anchors and nuts, hydraulic hub shrink disks and hydraulic flange tensioning systems. Supporting industry around the world to meet every day’s challenges your machinery faces.

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Riverhawk offers a wide range of product solutions in the field of flange connection systems for torque transfer with heavy-duty machines. Riverhawk clamping systems as a part of this product line up have been specified for General Electric (GE) turbine shaft trains and have become the accepted standard to ensure secure torque transfer.


We will support you with a technical advice or help you out if you ever need an occasional spare part.



The best alternative for your traditional interference fit Hub, keyed Hub, threaded Shaft or other Shaft end connection.

This hub solution is specifically designed to accelerate the assembly time at any shaft of your machinery. The installation itself is simple and secure due to the slip fit, which converts in a proper interference fit and ensures torque transfer once the Riverhawk Shrink Hub Clamp is set.

Its advantages at one glance:

  • No direct hydraulic mount on shafts

  • No need for keys, splines and tapered shafts

  • No need for heat at assembly

  • No need for ring /plug gages

  • No risk of scoring the shaft and hub bore on installation and removal

  • Can retrofit existing or damaged/repaired shafts


Call us to find out more or discuss your particular situation.

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If you are looking for a reliable and durable coupling solution for your rotating equipment, you might want to consider Riverhawk Couplings. They are designed to provide exceptional balance repeatability, which means they can reduce vibration and noise, extend the life of your bearings and seals, and improve the performance of your machinery.

Riverhawk Couplings have a weld free design that eliminates weld zone material degradation avoiding cracking and failure.


Riverhawk Couplings are made of modular bolted and splined components that allow for easy maintenance and replacement, saving you time and money.

Riverhawk Couplings can also be customized to meet any specification you need. Whether you need API 671, API 610, AGMA 9000 & 9110 balance, AGMA 9002 & 9112 keyed fits, AGMA 9003 & 9103 keyless fits, low and high speed bolted designs, low moment configuration, or torque management devices and other accessories, Riverhawk Couplings can deliver. Riverhawk Couplings are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as compressors, turbines, pumps, generators, fans, blowers, and more.

If you want to learn more about Riverhawk Couplings and how they can benefit your machinery, click on the button below.

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