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Choose the best practice for your fastening application and use Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolting Systems on turbine casings, pressure vessels, pipelines, piston engines etc.


Using Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolting for joints that require uniform and repeatable load is not only safer, but also allows you to bolt-up faster and more precisely (simultaneous tensioning via a “daisy chain”), which saves you additional maintenance and assembly costs.


Riverhawk Hydraulic bolting provides the best choice and the lowest total life cycle costs for any bolting application you can imagine: Reciprocating Compressor Connecting Rods, Compressor Drive Rods, Compressor Piston Heads, Turbine Casings, Compressor Casings, High Pressure Valves, Anchor Bolts, Tie Rods and so on.


We provide off-the-shelf systems as well as custom engineered solutions. A wide range of Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolting Systems will serve your individual application needs best.



Riverhawk Hydraulic Tensioners are designed for safety and performance, are lightweight, have an overall small diameter and offer you on top a spring return piston that eliminates the need to press the piston back after each use.

This system design features the very important overstroke protection that extends the service life of the seals and prevents leakage. Standard Hydraulic Tensioner size range covers stud diameters from bolt size M30 to M90. Other sizes are of course possible, too.

Three standard Riverhawk Tensioner System designs are available:

  • Hydraulic External Tensioner - HET (normal assembly space situation)

  • Hydraulic Rod Tensioner - HRT (most compact in radial footprint and required stud length)

  • Externally Tensioned Nut - ETN (most compact in height and required stud length)




The integral Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolt System is extremely compact in stud length and is ideal for applications where very little space is available – its hydraulic tensioning system is located within the bolt head.

The Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolt System is perfect if you want to incorporate all the benefits of hydraulic tensioning with an accelerated and simple installation since the Hydraulic Bolt does not need to be removed after tensioning. This saves assembly and maintenance costs massively.



Riverhawk Hydraulic Nuts are used to apply high precision hydraulic tensioning to casings, flanges, bearing housings or connecting rods. The beauty of this system is the fact that the hydraulic tensioning system is located within the nut itself.


This Riverhawk Hydraulic Nut system is capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures and offers you a uniform hydraulic joint tensioning within an absolute minimum stud height.

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