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Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolting Systems are designed to help you fasten various types of joints with accuracy, speed and safety. Whether you need to tighten turbine casings, pressure vessels, pipelines, piston engines or any other application that requires uniform and repeatable load, Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolting can deliver the optimal results.

Unlike other methods of bolting, Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolting allows you to tension multiple bolts simultaneously using a "daisy chain" configuration. This reduces the risk of uneven loading, leakage, fatigue and failure. It also saves you time and money, bringing down the life cycle costs by minimizing the maintenance and assembly factors.

Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolting Systems are suitable for a wide range of bolting applications, such as Reciprocating Compressor Connecting Rods, Compressor Drive Rods, Compressor Piston Heads, Turbine Casings, Compressor Casings, High Pressure Valves, Anchor Bolts, Tie Rods and more. You can choose from our standard products or request a custom engineered solution to meet your specific needs.

If you want to learn more about how Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolting Systems can benefit your bolting projects, please contact us today. 


Riverhawk Hydraulic Tensioners are designed to provide safety and performance in various applications. They are lightweight and have a small diameter, which makes them easy to handle and install. A spring return piston that automatically retracts after each use, saves you time and effort.

The overstroke protection, which prevents the piston from extending beyond its limit, protects the seals from damage and reduces the risk of leakage. Riverhawk Hydraulic Tensioners can cover stud diameters from bolt size M30 to M90, and custom sizes are also available upon request. Riverhawk offers three standard designs of Hydraulic Tensioner Systems:

  • Hydraulic External Tensioner - HET (normal assembly space situation)

  • Hydraulic Rod Tensioner - HRT (most compact in radial footprint and required stud length)

  • Externally Tensioned Nut - ETN (most compact in height and required stud length)

Riverhawk Hydraulic Safety Interlock Guard Tensioner_wh.jpg


Are you looking for a fast and safe way to join your GE Frame 6, 7 or 9 Gas Turbine flanges?

You can rely on a standardized solution that GE has approved and recommended for this purpose - the Hydraulic Safety Interlock Guard Tensioner. The HSIG  has been successfully used for many years and is compatible with GE Gas Turbine flanges. To find out more details and the relevant GE material numbers, click on "learn more".

Legacy Hydraulic Tensioner.jpg

Are you looking for the HT Tensioning System by Riverhawk? Go to the HT section

Flange Stud and Nut.png

Are you looking for special tooling that is used with the Riverhawk tensioning systems? Visit the Special Tools section



The integral Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolt System is extremely compact in stud length and is ideal for applications where very little space is available – its hydraulic tensioning system is located within the bolt head.

The Riverhawk Hydraulic Bolt System is perfect if you want to incorporate all the benefits of hydraulic tensioning with an accelerated and simple installation since the Hydraulic Bolt does not need to be removed after tensioning. This saves assembly and maintenance costs massively.

Riverhawk hydraulic tensioned bolt_wh.jpg



Riverhawk Hydraulic Nuts are used to apply high precision hydraulic tensioning to casings, flanges, bearing housings or connecting rods. The beauty of this system is the fact that the hydraulic tensioning system is located within the nut itself.


This Riverhawk Hydraulic Nut system is capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures and offers you a uniform hydraulic joint tensioning within an absolute minimum stud height.

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