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SSS Gears Process






In a process plant with continuous operation unscheduled drive stoppages incur enormous financial penalties for you.

Since 1967, SSS Gears are your choice for proven reliability and superior technical performance. Over 6900 SSS Clutches have been operating reliably in various industrial process drives around the globe – from a hot desert to an arctic sea platform – tirelessly adding operational flexibility, security and high efficiency to essential Dual Driven machinery in process plants.

The well-known SSS Clutch positive non-slip torque transmission - through surface hardened gear teeth - its fully automatic engagement and disengagement function, the highest in class clutch efficiency and the trademark SSS Gears lifetime operation design philosophy ensure the best possible experience for you.

Imagine the future opportunities for your process machinery and become ECO-Friendly and highly competitive with an SSS Clutch.



The Dual Driven Fan concept provides you with very compact and economically advanced possibilities to apply a Start-Up E-Motor drive when energy recovery steam is still unavailable from your process.


Once excess process steam is available, you can easily switch over to the Steam Turbine Fan Drive recovering process energy.

The E-Motor drive is switched off and runs down but remains on standby and is always ready for drive redundancy duty.


SSS Clutches handle automatic drive connection and disconnection perfectly. The usual separate E-Motor driven Back-Up Fan is not required allowing more compact boiler designs.

All for your most efficient, highly secure, optimized and economic process plant design.

AZG SSS Gears Fan 1 re.jpg



A typical Dual Driven Pump Drive application consists of a main E-Motor Drive and a recovery Reverse-Pump Helper Drive (also called Hydraulic Turbine Drive).


In this type of application the SSS Clutch automatically connects and disconnects the Hydraulic Turbine from the E-Motor without any interruption of your important main pump operation.

Through process fluid energy recovery you are minimizing the electrical power consumption of your main process pump additionally boosting the economy rating of your process plant as well as simultaneously reducing the ecological footprint.




The Dual Driven Compressor concept provides you with excellent possibilities to easily utilize secondary drives for Energy Recovery, Drive Redundancy, optimized Maintenance and Start-Up Duties, Helper Duties or Boost Duties.

Typical applications for SSS Clutches are Pipeline Compressors, Petrochemical Compressors, LNG Compressors or Industrial Process Compressors.

SSS Clutches automatically connect and disconnect Electric Motors, Gas Engines, Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines and Expanders in your process plant wherever and whenever you need.

Optimize and secure your uninterrupted process compressor operation with an SSS Clutch.

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