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Large expensive rotating machinery often requires auxiliary drives for starting and cooling / turning. Unreliable auxiliary drives can result in major financial losses if your machinery is becoming inoperative.

SSS Auxiliary Drive Clutches are the second to none key mechanism within long lasting, highly reliable auxiliary drives such as gas and steam turbine turning gears, gas turbine starting drives and accelerator drives for standalone Synchronous Condenser Generators.

The SSS Clutch automatically and securely connects the auxiliary drive motor to your main machinery when the auxiliary drive is energized and overtakes the shaft speed of your main machinery. When the auxiliary drive is switched off the SSS Clutch automatically disconnects the drive allowing independent operation. No control signal is required for the automatic and inherently safe SSS Clutch function.


SSS Auxiliary Drive Clutches offer you the highest reliability, are designed for the lifetime of your machinery, need no routine servicing and generate the lowest possible power loss - all due to the fact, that no metal contact is present inside the SSS Clutch when overrunning. More than 25,000 SSS Starting and Turning Clutches have been supplied to automatically connect / disconnect auxiliary drives and over 1500 new supplies from SSS Gears go into service annually.




SSS Turning Gear Clutch is the most reliable and low-cost automatic engagement /disengagement solution for your auxiliary drive.

The main purpose is to make sure that the main machinery is turning at low speed during start-up and run-down. This serves a safe and quick turbine start as well as cool down phase.

Standardized, time-proven and highly cost-efficient designs are available for any turning drive application from under 1 MW (industrial turbines) up to more than 1600 MW (turbo-generator shaft trains of Nuclear Power Plants).

Three basic inherently safe auxiliary drive solutions are available for integration within your shaft train:

  • Shaft end SSS Clutch solutions

  • Mid shaft SSS pinion type solutions

  • Turning and Starting DUO SSS Clutch solutions


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SSS Starting Clutches are the preferred choice if you are looking for a highly reliable, simple and automatic starter drive solution suitable for your Gas Turbine, Compressor or Synchronous Condenser Generator acceleration auxiliary drive.

Common starting drive machinery can be:

  • Electric or Hydraulic Motors

  • Steam Turbines

  • Diesel Engines etc.

With an SSS Starting Clutch in your auxiliary drive your main machinery can be accelerated from rest to self-sustaining speed. When you stop the auxiliary drive, the SSS Starting clutch automatically disconnects your running main machinery. Restarting On-the-Fly without you needing to wait for the machinery to come to rest is one of the main advantages of an SSS Starting Clutch. This reduces starting risks and in turn increases your important machinery availability and economy.

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