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Since 1964, SSS Gears provide cutting-edge highly reliable Synchronous Clutch solutions for various flexible power generation applications and any power market requirements.

Turbomachinery that produces electricity and heat energy includes the most sophisticated and power-dense equipment ever constructed.

Any energy market player needs the highest reliability and profitability from machinery assets on top of that which in turn puts severe demands onto the equipment.

SSS Clutches allow an on demand, automatic and mechanical shaft connection and disconnection of the driving machinery without interrupting the power generation and serve your demands perfectly.

Such operational flexibility is key to economic success in modern power generation markets.

Increasing the power generation system efficiency, fast operational response availability and profitability of your machinery with standard or special engineered SSS Clutch solutions is our mission.

Accelerate your future competitiveness and the opportunities of your machinery on the power market.



Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation of heat and electricity and is the most efficient way to convert fuel into energy.
CHP reduces the use of primary energy sources and subsequently helps minimizing the CO2 emissions.

Because the demand for heat oftentimes varies seasonally, SSS Clutches are used to automatically disconnect and reconnect Steam Turbine cylinders on demand. This offers a highly efficient operational flexibility of the turbine shaft train between heat and electric power production.




Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) is one of the most modern power plant concepts with a very high efficiency.

CCGT can be single shaft or multi shaft. Single shaft with a connecting device between ST (Steam Turbine) and the double driven generator offers similar efficiency as a multi shaft one but requires less equipment, less controls and less machinery room and thus less investment.

Today's energy markets dictate high efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

An SSS Clutch between steam turbine and generator allows to connect and disconnect the steam turbine on demand and grants extremely fast plant start-up, reduced servicing time, simple cycle peak power generation and lowest start-up emissions.




Almost all power generation facilities can provide ancillary services in the form of spinning reserve, synchronous condensing, reactive power, black start capability, grid frequency control or grid inertia.

The SSS Clutch is positioned between the driving machinery and the generator to provide ancillary services ability by leaving the generator synchronised with the grid at full speed, whilst the turbine or combustion engine is at rest, thus avoiding emissions.


If grid support by provision of peak electrical power generation is requested, the driving machinery quickly starts-up to full speed and gets automatically connected by the SSS Clutch to the generator for electricity production.

AZG SSS Gears Grid Support retouch.jpg



Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is essential for highly sensitive micro grids which supply energy to important equipment or security systems such as air traffic control, hospitals, server farms, microchip production lines etc.

A combined E-motor and Generator Unit is connected to a back-up Diesel drive via the SSS Clutch. The e-motor is energized by the outside main electricity grid and drives the generator which is supplying electricity to the micro grid. If the outside electricity grid supply is unstable then batteries or spinning inertia energy support the e-motor drive for several seconds until the diesel generator is started and automatically connected by the SSS Clutch.


UPS systems provide energy security, accurate frequency and voltage for micro grids and can also serve as black-start or long term stand-by emergency generators.

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