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Naval Ships, Commercial Vessels, Fast Ferries and Mega-Yachts must achieve a delicate balance of operational capability, acquisition cost and total cost of ownership.


The selected marine propulsion drive concept is an essential factor for the functional abilities and resulting total life cycle cost of your vessel.

Traditional Diesel Engine or combined Diesel- and Gas Turbine driven marine propulsion concepts require individually designed propulsion gear units with Clutches. Using an SSS Clutch allows you to select the most efficient machinery for the intended operational conditions.


Modern Marine Propulsion Concepts include electric motor drives that are either All-Electric or Hybrid-Electro-Mechanical.

Hybrid Electric Drive (HED) marine propulsion systems prove to be very efficient and reliable for high power requirements, which include: The Royal Navy Type 23 ASW frigates since 1990, subsequent frigate programs of the German Navy (F125), Spanish Navy (F110), Franco-Italian Frigates (FREMM) and Republic of Korea Navy (FFX-II) – to name only a few. Mega-Yachts, Fast-Ferries and Commercial Vessels may also apply HED propulsion concepts in future.


Since 1959 marine propulsion concepts which focus on the highest security, power density and reliability always include SSS Clutches to automatically and positively connect or disconnect drives. SSS are also a go-to choice for efficient modern on-board power generation and energy recovery drives as well as machinery auxiliary systems.


No matter which drive system you select, your expected operational ship capabilities in extreme harsh environments must be achieved. SSS are Always Ready to Engage your selected drive.



Imagine your HED propulsion system has vastly simplified controls, no special high pressure oil system, is 20 tonnes lighter, 2 meters shorter and is extremely silent on top!

Today’s most modern traditional and HED marine propulsion drives use maintenance free SSS Clutches, granting your ship major advantages compared with outdated main drive friction clutch devices.

Since 1959, SSS are the benchmark for operating flexibility and reliability in tough marine environment conditions.

The SSS Clutch automates your engine changeovers in marine propulsion systems and energy drives for Naval Ships, Cargo Vessels, Fast Ferries and special pleasure Yachts.

At a glance, more than 5000 marine propulsion references across 40 different Navies around the globe have SSS Clutches as prime equipment in CODELAG, COGAG, CODAG, COGOG or CODOG propulsion applications.



SSS Clutches are used within On-Board Generator Drive Systems for improved efficiency, redundancy, fast response and power factor correction of the board hotel electricity micro grid.

Exhaust Turbo Expanders or Steam Turbines, utilizing recovered exhaust energy from the main ship engines, get automatically connected and disconnected to the generator by SSS Clutches.

This boosts your overall energy efficiency and in turn your ship’s economy.



​Marine Propuslion Turbine Drives include highly reliable and cost efficient SSS Clutches within starting and turning systems.

SSS Clutches automatically connect Air Starter on NAVAL Gas Turbine Generator units for your ship's crucial energy supply.

On-board Energy Recovery Steam Turbines include SSS Clutches for slow rotor turning operation. You certainly can think of many more application possibilities within your ship's rotating equipment.

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