Our customer service accompanies our products for their lifetime. We keep detailed records of all the earlier projects and try to gather any additional information in order to be able to support our customers in any way possible even after 30 or 60 years of unit operation.


Our main goal is to make sure any obstacle is overcome and any challenge is mastered. We consider reliability, quick response times and customer driven attitude as our main priorities.

We are of course always eager to improve our relationship with the customers and therefore provide a wide range of support and training besides field service.

In-house and off-site training on a variety of topics including the installation and operation of the products are also a part of the service program.


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If there is an emergency and we can reduce the downtime by sending an experienced specialist to your site we will gladly provide our services to get you covered.

Whether we do the work or supervise we will make sure the job is done:




We provide different types of training for your personnel.

Classic classroom style at your training facility, on site or at our facilities as well as time saving online content on YouTube or personalized lessons via WebEx, Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.

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Important spares are avaliable for decades in order to support our customers in time of need. Even rare spare parts can be produced since we store all possible historic project data.

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Rental service for tooling and equipment allows you to fulfill specific service activities without high investments.

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