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  • What is an SSS Clutch?
    The SSS Clutch (Synchronous Self Shifting) is a bespoke design freewheel gear type clutch which engages and disengages automatically without the use of any external control system.
  • What is the maximum power an SSS Clutch can transfer?
    The most powerful clutch in the field transfers 400MW. Athough nobody in the world has been able to come near even the half of it this is still not the limit for SSS Gears. Get in touch with us if you want to know more about this application.
  • What is the maximum speed of an SSS Clutch?
    The maximum possible overrunning speed of an SSS Clutch is 23000 rpm.
  • How does an SSS Clutch work?
    We have several videos in different languages that explain the main working principal of the SSS Clutch. Check out our youtube channel for more.

If you can't find a quick answer here just give us a call or wirte a quick message - we will answer in no time.

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