Simplify your machinery assembly, optimize maintenance time and eliminate the risk of damaging expensive heavy components with the help of Special Tools by Riverhawk.

The standard special tools product line includes hydraulic pullers and pushers, plug and ring gauges, lapping tools and casing alignment pins.

​Riverhawk specializes in engineered state-of-the-art tooling which will make your installation and maintenance life as easy, secure and fast as you can imagine.



Riverhawk has developed a full line of hydraulic pushers and pullers to accommodate any shaft press fit configuration. These special tools are designed specifically to suit your application and provide the full pull-up capability.

Riverhawk Pushers and Pullers are made from hardened alloy steel, are pressure tested prior to shipment from our facility and come to you completely assembled including all seals and fittings to match your installation equipment and allow you to start your work right away without any delays.




Compressor drives, pump drives, fan drives and other industrial machinery often require tapered shaft ends to meet precise API Standards.


Riverhawk Ring and Plug Gauge product line of special tools includes shaft diameters of up to 250mm and are designed and manufactured to meet your most specific project needs.

Riverhawk guarantees taper contact of 90% to 95%, which is certified and confirmed by provided bluing tapes.




The specialized Riverhawk Casing Alignment Pins (CAP) are designed to save time and accelerate assembly while additionally increasing your safety.

The expanding CAP tool gives you the ease and convenience of a drop-in installation simultaneously providing the required force for accurate alignment of the casing halves.


If you need to align heavy casing boltholes accurately Casing Alignment Pins from Riverhawk are your choice.

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