High machinery availability is crucial for you since any production downtime would be a major financial loss?

Unplanned outage time due to a sudden overload would be a loss in production and a risk to your machinery health. A wise selection of the machinery coupling concept helps you optimize the operational efficiency, reduces downtime and total life time costs.

​With Riverhawk solutions this can be guaranteed in two ways: mechanically and electronically. Find out what fits your needs best.

Your investments in rotating equipment are certainly worth protecting.



Riverhawk develops and manufactures second-to-none none torque protection solutions (torque limiting couplings and hubs) for nearly all industry applications. Riverhawk Torque Protection Couplings support your expensive machinery by precisely defined internal slipping action at a very accurately set calibrated shaft torque.

There are two main protection function options:

  • Torque Blocker Safety Couplings with full release function

  • Peak Shaver Safety Couplings with the "slip and re-grip" function

Learn more about the two options. You can also give us a call or send a message anytime.




Riverhawk Torque Monitoring Systems efficiently secure your equipment running at a maximum level.

The precisely engineered Torque Monitoring Systems are carefully and specially designed torque protection of your valued machinery. This allows you to keep your equipment working within the optimal operating conditions.

Advanced intel of the drive train condition will help you achieve maximum control and protection against unplanned outage times, loss in production and undesired risks to the overall machinery health. With Riverhawk you always know how your machinery is performing.


Keep driving - Security simplified