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Free-Flex Pivot 5008-600

Single-Ended Flexure

Free-Flex Pivot 5008-600

D-Diameter = 6,35 mm
L-Length = 10,16 mm
A-Length of Flex Element = 4,826 mm
Vc = 157,9 N
Vt = 226,9 N
Torsional Spring Rate = 1,62 Nmm / Degree

Pivot Body: AlSl 410 und 420 corrosion-resistant steel
Flex Elements: AlSl 420 corrosion-resistant steel

Note: If a tighter diameter tolerance
of (+0 / -0.005) or torsional spring rate tolerance (+/- 10%) is required, get in touch and we will gladly assist you.

Life Cycle Curve
Below you can find the Compression Loading (Vc) life cycle curves and the Tension Loading (Vt) life cycle curves of the pivots. You can find out what life cycle to expect from the chosen pivot based on the applied radial load and angle. Contact our engineering team for applications with combined loading or for commercial and aerospace applications

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