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Riverhawk Air Driven Pumps

  • Instant, Reliable Hydraulic Power

  • Efficient, Compact, Portable (55 lbs)

  • Economical

    • Reduces Downtime / Labor Hrs

  • Easy Operation

    • Remote Pendant Operation

    • Automatic Pressure Release

    • One Time Dial-In Pressure Setting

  • Inlet Air Supply

    • 80-100 psi Filtered

  • Flexible Hose Fittings

    • Swivel Connections / Fittings

  • Air Lubrication Not Required

  • Cart Mounted System Available

  • Pressures up to 40,000 psi

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Air Driven Pump AP-6048

Frame 7HA, Frame 9FA, Frame 9FB oder Frame 9HA.01 Gasturbinen and D202, D602, D604 or D652 Steam Turbines

Air Driven Pump AP-0532

Frame 5P, Frame 6B, Frame 6C, Frame 6FA, Frame 6F.01, Frame 7EA, Frame 7FA, Frame 7FB, Frame 7FA.05, Frame 7H, Frame 7HA.01, Frame 9E, Frame 9E.04, Frame 9FA, Frame 9FB, Frame 9H or MS7001 Gasturbinen and A17 Steam Turbine

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